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Leon Fricker, EuroPro, Professional

I had the pleasure of attending university with Alex. He always had a thirst for knowledge in college and had a great eye for swing mechanics. He is able to explain methods in a way that is understandable to students of many different levels which makes learning much easier. It has been fun watching Alex grow and the stable of players has grown with him. I am lucky to Have Alex a. Part of my team!

David Dixon, European Tour Winner and Pro

Have been working with Alex for over a year, he’s got great vision, Knowledge and understands how best to explain this all without being over complicated!! I would highly recommend Alex to anybody at any level of golf ability!!

Brandon Robinson Thompson, Professional

I’m a playing professional with European Tour and PGA Tour LatinoAmerica experience. I’ve been working with Alex for a couple of months and have seen some real improvement with my mechanics. I’ve gained so much more understanding of my swing and even the swing as a whole from Alex. Where others have failed, trying to ‘put’ me in positions Alex has a great understand of how match ups will ultimately create consistent and repeatable ball flights, and this is what we have and are doing now!

Ciaran Dwan, Club Member

“I have been working with Alex since 2019 playing of 21 handicap , now playing off 11.3 I put this down to Alex. His coaching style, understanding of how I learn, course management etc have made me think about my game in a different way. His online analysis since lockdown are world-class, his online tutorials, podcast give you a real insight into what makes a good golfer and his love for golf is infectious.

Great bloke, great golfer and great coach”

James Wright, PGA Pro

“After doing some research on coaches I thought would fit the direction I wanted my golf swing to go in, I found Alex on Instagram very forward thinking, knowledgeable and explains things simply. My golf swings improved massively, also I had a bad back from making poor moves in the back swing which have all gone after seeing Alex.

If anyone’s got doubts I travel from Wolverhampton!”

Eric Amin, Online Student USA

I found Alex on Instagram (someone I follow tagged him in a post) a few months ago. From there, I DM’d him for an online lesson. He broke down my swing in simple terms and not only told me what I need to work on, but more importantly, why I need to work on them and how they fit in the overall swing. He is a super nice guy, very easy to communicate with, and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend Alex to anyone who wants to put in the work to get better.

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